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Je suis récemment allé voir Godzilla: King of the Monsters au cinéma, et le film m’a donné envie d’imaginer ce que pourrait donner le terrible King Ghidorah s’il était une Horreur de la quatrième édition d’Earthdawn. Voilà le résultat. Notez que je n’ai pas cherché à le rendre particulièrement équilibré, juste terrifiant et spectaculaire :p

Earthdawn 4 n’étant disponible qu’en anglais à l’heure actuelle, cette aide de jeu est elle aussi rédigée dans la langue de Shakespeare.


Ancient legends, now only spoken in anguished whispers, mention the existence of a terrifying Horror often referred to only as “the One who is Many” or “the Death Song of Three Storms”. A tale told in the kingdom of Shosara gives it the Name Ghidorah, “the King of Terror”.
This monster is described as being tall as a castle, with vast wings capable of summoning cataclysmic storms with each flapping. Its appearance is draconic, albeit with three heads instead of just one, sharp scales the color of gold, and two barbed tails.
The exact connection between Ghidorah and dragons is unclear. Some go as far as claim that the hatred dragons feel for hydras stems from the fear that these lesser abominations may evolve to become creatures similar to Ghidorah if not dealt with rapidly enough.
The King of Terror has not been seen since the end of the Scourge. One of the Shosaran tales claims it was eventually defeated by an ancient, wingless dragon, who managed to entomb Ghidorah in the ice of the Frigid North after a fierce battle.

Challenge: Master (Fifteenth Circle)
DEX: 28              Initiative: 28                               Unconsciousness: 299
STR: 28              Physical Defense: 30                Death Rating: 333
TOU: 30              Mystic Defense: 24                  Wound Threshold: 66
PER: 28              Social Defense: 22                   Knockdown: 52
WIL: 28              Physical Armor: 26                    Recovery Tests: 10
CHA: 26              Mystic Armor: 22                      Karma: 12 (40)
Movement: 8 (Flying 18)
Actions: 6; Bite x3: 24 (32), Claws x2: 22 (24), Tail x2 24 (28)

Armored Scales
Aura of Awe (32)
Crackling Armor (28): As a Simple action, Ghidorah wraps itself in a protective sheath of electricity. When an attacker hits, lightning arcs to the attacker, causing Step 12 Damage. Physical armor protects against this damage.
Dive (28)
Horror Mark (36, Standard)
Immune to Electricity: Ghidorah suffers no damage from mundane electricity attacks, and gains +20 Physical and Mystic Armor against magical or elemental electricity.
Lightning Breath (32): Ghidorah makes a Creature Power test against the target’s Mystic Defense. If successful, the target suffers Step 28 electricity Damage (reduced by Mystic Armor), and suffers a -2 Action test penalty per success on the Creature Power test until the end of the next round.
Regeneration (32)
Spellcasting (28): As the talent, Player’s Guide, p. 168.
Storm Call (30): By flapping its mighty wings, Ghidorah is able to conjure up a powerful storm. If the test is successful, the storm forms in 1D6 rounds, and lasts one hour. While the storm is in effect, Ghidorah gains a +6 bonus to its Crackling Armor and Lightning Breath tests. At the beginning of each round, any character caught in the area of the storm must perform a successful Knockdown test against the Storm Call test’s result, or suffer a -4 penalty to any action test for the remainder of this round.
Swooping Attack: Ghidorah may split movement (Player’s Guide, p. 386) without penalty and does not cause Strain.
Terror (34, Standard)
Wingbeat (32)

Spells: Elementalism (Twelfth Circle, with a preference for Air spells)

Special Maneuvers:
Clip the Wing (Opponent)
Grab and Bite (Ghidorah, Claws)
Pry Loose (Opponent, Close Combat)
Squeeze the Life (Ghidorah, Bite)
Tail Sweep (Ghidorah, Tail):
Ghidorah may spend additional successes from an Attack test using his tails to throw his elephant-sized or smaller opponent. Each success spent in this way throws the opponent 2 yards and the opponent treats this distance as falling (see Falling Damage, Gamemaster’s Guide, p. 167).
Too. Many. Heads. (Opponent):
The attacker may use two additional successes to target a weak point on one of the heads. If the attack causes a Wound, the head is disabled or severed and Ghidorah loses one action per round. This effect is cumulative, but cannot reduce Ghidorah below 1 action per round. Healing the Wound caused by the attack will restore the head.

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