Artifact Rush: Santos (English version)


An unofficial campaign setting for Shadowrun 5, freely inspired by the video game released in 2007 on XBOX 360 and PC.

> Version française

Table of Contents (provisional) :

  1. City of the Saints

  2. Players…

  3. …and stakes

    • The Pyramid
    • Artifacts of Santos
    • Sirrurg’s Lair
  4. Running in Santos

    • Travelling to Santos
    • Downtown
    • Port
    • Favela
    • Corporate District
    • RNA Arcology
    • Places to be, people to see
    • Shadows of Santos
  5. Game Information

    • Plot hooks
    • Cast of shadows

6 thoughts on “Artifact Rush: Santos (English version)

  1. Richter_DL

    Hi! This is a nice idea and ties in the rather misbegotten MS game into the wider shadowrun canon, if only unofficially. I’m looking forward to more material! I might put this into a PDF for private use. When done with the setting, interested for posting on your blog?


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