[Earthdawn] The Adept’s Journey : Mystic Paths sur Kickstarter

FASA Games est de retour sur Kickstarter pour financer la publication du prochain supplément pour la 4e édition d’Earthdawn.

The Adept’s Journey : Mystic Paths, c’est son nom, proposera de nouvelles options de carrières pour les adepts de Barsaive ou d’ailleurs.

L’ouvrage inaugurera au passage une toute nouvelle façon d’aborder les Disciplines spécialisées des précédentes éditions : il s’agira désormais de Paths (“voies”) venant se greffer aux Disciplines existantes, sur le même modèle que le fonctionnement des questeurs depuis le supplément Questors.

Le supplément proposera 12 de ces Paths, certains familiers, d’autres inédits :

The Brother of Stone is an obsidiman who seeks a greater connection with their Liferock and the living earth.

A Fire Eater is dedicated to controlling–and gaining power from–an ork’s gahad.

Horror Stalkers are dedicated to tracking, facing, and destroying Horrors.

The Journeyman is focused on enhancing a human’s ability to easily learn magical abilities from other Disciplines.

Liberators strive to free Namegivers from slavery–whether literal or metaphorical.

Messengers openly spread news and deliver critical messages, but secretly gather intelligence to ensure Barsaive’s independent future.

Outcasts follow their own path, drawing strength from their personal definition of honor.

The Purifier devotes their life to healing the world, cleansing it of the Horrors’ lingering taint.

Scholars focus on learning, the codification of accumulated knowledge, and making that knowledge widely available.

The t’skrang Tail Dancer learns to use their tail to enhance their fighting prowess.

Windmasters are windlings who turn their mobility and speed into impressive advantage.

Elves who follow the Woodsman path have unparalleled understanding of, and connection to, the forest they call home.

Mais on y retrouvera également 3 Disciplines complètes, avec notamment une version révisée du Chamane :

Boatmen are a variant of the Air Sailor, focused on riverboats instead of airships.

The Gauntletis a new combat Discipline dedicated to unarmed combat and making themselves an implacable living weapon.

A Shaman is a magician who studies the living world and builds relationships with the spirits of wild places. Of special note, the Shaman has been rebuilt from the ground up with a dedicated spell list and a new type of spirit.

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