Other factions

While they remain the main forces battling for control of the Santos Pyramid, RNA Global and the Lineage are no longer the only ones involved in the conflict. Most of these newcomers are playing their cards close to the chest, and are careful not making their activities too well-known, but if you plan to run the shadows of Santos, chance is you will encounter them in one way of another.

Magical Groups:

  • Illuminates of the New DawnThe IoND is of course very interested in getting their hands on some of the Santos artifacts. Rumor is they have offered an alliance to the Lineage, although how much the organization is willing to involve itself in the shadow war can only be speculated at this point.
  • Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research: The DIMR owns a whole building near Santos’ historical centre, in Paquetá, which of course — what a coincidence — used to belong to the Big D himself. Officially they are not interested in the Pyramid or its artifacts and are only in the area to monitor the weird astral phenomenons taking place around Morro Embaré. Yeah, right. Unofficially, it seems they are trying to secure Sirrurg’s lair, but even they don’t seem to know for certain where it’s located.

Archeological Groups:

  • Apep Consortium: Apep has a strong presence in Amazonia due to its foothold in Panama. So far, RNA Global had managed to keep them out of Santos, but the recent power shifts have allowed the Consortium to open offices in Aparecida. They’ve been trying to convince the authorities of Metrópole to give them an official authorization to study the Pyramid, which would be a slap in RNA’s face.
  • Atlantean Foundation: The Atlantean Foundation doesn’t have offices in Santos, but they have several agents in the city, trying to gather info on the artifacts RNA has already unearthed. It’s only a matter of time before they try to obtain said artifacts.
> There’s one particular artifact they seem especially eager to secure; something called the “Araucan Codex”. I’m not sure, but it could be one of the stone tablets RNA has reportedly found in the Pyramid.
> Elijah



There are many gangs and urban tribes in Santos, and while they are not interested in the Pyramid by itself, they are often hired as muscle by people who do. Here are the most successful ones.

  • Cavaleiros de Satanás: the “Riders of Satan” is a go-gang that is often found death-racing on Santos’ main avenues, especially General Francisco Glicério, Afonso Pena and Pedro Lessa. They are based in José Menino, although they don’t seem to care much about turf as long as they can ride. But they can be dangerous nonetheless: they believe dying in a blaze of fire is the best way to go, and the more spectacular the crash, they happier they are, regardless of the civilian toll. They never enter Ponta de Praia, but often taunt the corp sec-men with insults and projectiles (sometimes even Molotov cocktails) as they ride in front of their checkpoints. Their emblem is a screaming skull with bloody maw and bat wings.
  • Demónios do Mar: the “Sea Demons” are the Pirate Blood’s main competitors in the smuggling business, and are active on the Estuary waterfront, on the northern side. For many years each gang stayed on its side, but lately the Demons have become more aggressive. Word is they are working with one or more of the Ghost Cartels to bring Tempo to Santos. Their emblem is a sort of demonic octopus or Kraken.
  • Dilúvio: the “Flood” is your typical street gang, trafficking drugs and racketeering the locals for “protection”.
    They are mostly active in the Favela, in Gonzaga and Campo Grande.
    Truth is they play tough but they are still quite small compared to older gangs. Their emblem is a black or dark purple wave, sometimes shown crashing into stylized buildings.
  • Filhos de Fortuna: the “Sons of Fortune” are more an urban tribe than a gang, as they mostly keep to themselves and protect their own. All members are changelings, transformed during the Year of the Comet. Their gang leader is reportedly a sort of lizardman, although few have actually met him. Their emblem is a Tarot card resembling the Wheel of Fortune, usually with a comet painted somewhere.
  • Olhos Tóxicosthese guys are bad news, so be careful when you’re in Vila Belmiro or Jabaquara. They call themselves the “Toxic Eyes”, and they are a nasty bunch that is known to enjoy inflicting pain on others for fun. Word on the street is they are led by a toxic Elf shaman whose mind got twisted by the proximity of the Pyramid, although other claim the guy’s in fact long dead and possessed by a Master Shedim. Regardless of the truth, he’s mad as a hatter and as dangerous as a rabid barghest. Their emblem is a green, spirally eye.


  • Orghulo Santista: the “Pride of Santos” prefers to call itself a militia than a gang, but it’s bulldrek. They are fascist, racist bullies who want to “clean the streets of Santos from the metahuman scum”. Don’t underestimate them though, as they have somehow access to military-grade weapons. Some suspect RNA Global to be funding them, although I’m not sure they would work for a Megacorp that is known to be led by an Elf, even if he’s known to be an asshole.
  • Ratos Praga: despite their name, the “Plague Rats” are one of the nicest gang of Santos. Well, “nice” is maybe not the right word. They are still a bunch of criminals festering on society’s vices. But at least they are not murderous sociopaths, and there’s a lot of advantages to stay on their good side, the least of which is not access to the Cidade de Ratos, the sewer city. You can know you’re entering the Rats’ territory by spotting their emblem: a black rodent on a green cloud.
  • Ressurgimento: as discussed before, the “Resurgence” is an Ork paramilitary organization that has sworn to free their city from the corporate oppressor and avenge the unjust treatment of Orks in Santos. I believe these idiots are mostly kept around as an useful scapegoat by the very Megacorporations they think they’re fighting. Their emblem is a bloody raised fist, basically as subtle a symbol as they themselves are.
> That felt a bit… how to put it… prejudiced?
> Bull
> To be perfectly clear, my dislike of the Resurgence has nothing to do with the fact they are Orks. But they are trigger-happy idiots with a macho complex who believe shooting randomly in the street is the best way to fight the good fight, with absolutely no thought given to who could get caught in the crossfire.
> Simons
> Sounds like most street samurais I know.
> Slamm-O!
  • Sangue Pirata: the “Pirate Blood” is a gang of smuggler active on Santos’ Bay waterfront, on the southern side of the city. They are based in Pompéia and Gonzaga, where they control several warehouses and old industrial sites that were left abandoned after the landslides. They see themselves as the heirs of the pirates of old, and usually dress the part: they are also divided into “crews” and even elect their leaders. They also follow a code of honor of sorts, and are useful contacts to move stuff in and out of the island. Unsurprisingly, their emblem is a Jolly Roger, usually painted in red.


Several megacorps have buildings or headquarters in Santos. There’s not much to say about them — not much that’s different from everywhere else, at any rate. Ares, EVO, Horizon, Mitsuhama, NeoNET, Renraku and Wuxing are all there, either in Centro or Ponta de Praia, and you can bet they have work for shadowrunners.


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