RNA Global


Rating: AA
Founded: 2017, in Houston, Texas (CAS)
World Headquarters: Santos, Amazonia (since 2026)
President/CEO: Jonathan Cain (2017-2064); Joseph Sariel (2064-current)
Motto: Olhe Para O Futuro ("Look towards the future")

RNA Global is a multi-national corporation headquartered in Santos, Amazonia, with offices in eight different countries. Originally an energy and commodities trading company, RNA quickly expanded its corporate interests into an array of diverse fields, including data storage, security technology, biotech research, and pharmaceuticals. Nowadays, it is primarily known for its arcane research and magical security services.

RNA stands for the Latin words Reperi, Nova, Agnosce. It can be roughly translated as Discover, Innovate, Understand.

Major Divisions:

  • RNA Bio-engineering
    Biotech, pharmaceuticals, viral research
  • RNA Security
    Private security service (physical, magical, and matrix)
  • RNA Department of Antiquities
    Arcane research and studies
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